There is a world
beyond spianata piccante

A story of recipes and shapes.

It’s a typical delicacy from Calabria, a region in southern Italy, where the freshness of the mountains and the saltiness of Mediterranean sea create a perfect environment for maturing.  It’s made following a traditional recipe: a ground mixture of prime pork meat is finely blended with pieces of lard, then red chillies are added. After being pressed between two planks, it is let to gently mature for at least 4 months.  In fact the name comes from its shape “Spianata” that means flattened.

A world of scents and tastes.

The bold color reflects the fiery heart of this salami that is characterized by a strong spicy taste, typical of southern Italy.

How to pair it. Spianata has already a very distinctive flavor, combine it with a neutral soft cheese like Mozzarella or if you like contrasts, with a sweet cheese like Gorgonzola. It is perfect if enjoyed with dried fruit and accompanied with white wines like Cirò Bianco or Greco di Bianco. Between types of breads, choose a fluffy one that perfectly matches the Spianata texture.

Did you know? … Calabrians like to savor Spianata on pizza, paired with olives or with red onions. Try it!