Or simply eat fresh deli meats
with bread.



There are several ways to praise the tastiness of Vitale deli meats: whether eat them alone or use them in a recipe, you won’t be disappointed.
Just open a tray and be creative!

An Italian tradition provides serving deli meats on a board, at first glance it may seems like a simple hors d’oeuvre but beyond it there is a wide range of choices to make.
Compose a deli meats board is an art form and a trial: some tricks will ensure you the perfect platter!

  1. Find the right board
    Wooden. Rustic, rough and traditional, the most refined are the ones made of olive wood: scratch-resistant and ideal for enhancing the flavors.

Porcelain or stone. Elegant and easy to clean, slate is the current trend.

  1. Choose quality over quantity
    When choosing the meats themselves, there is one solid starting point: prefer quality over quantity. It’s not about overfeed your guest, but make them enjoy it.

Some Tips:

    • Think about how many people you’ll be serving, a good rule of thumb can be pick 7-8 different type of deli meats and at least 2 slices of them for each commensal.
    • Balance between crudo (cured raw) and cotto (cooked). Using too many crudo deli meats – like Prosciutto Crudo, Coppa, Salami – can be overwhelming salty, so adding cotto deli meats – like Mortadella and Arrosto al Forno -helps maintain balance.
    • Also diversity is important. To keep mouthfeel diverse is advisable to choose deli meats at different thickness, for example cut Prosciutto thin and Mortadella into thick chunks. Lastly add spicy deli meats- like Spianata Piccante- will vary the flavors.
  1. Celebrate the tastiness
  • Pay attention to organoleptic matches (bread, cheese, fruit)
    Add accompaniment is essential to make a great charcuterie board because they act both as palate cleansers and as pairings.

Prosciutto Crudo and Coppa perfectly match with sweet fruit like melon, figs and peaches.
Salame and Spianata Romana find their half with kiwi and apples.
Mortadella goes well with pears and grapes.
Dried fruit is the best choice to soften spicy deli meats like Spianata Piccante.

Mozzarella perfectly suits the delicate taste of Mortadella. Prosciutto Crudo and Coppa pair well with any melted cheese and even better with Provola and Robiola. Parmesan is the perfect fellow of Salame.

Coppa and Prosciutto Crudo can be savored on whole grain bread, soft deli meats like Mortadella match with crunchy bread while the intense taste of Salame is perfect with fluffy bread. If you are afraid of choosing, baguette goes with everything.

  • Plating
    You also eat with the eyes, so the arrangement matters. Rather than rolling the product, lay it out onto the board and place creatively the accompaniments: put them above, under or aside deli meats or even in the middle of the platter.

Use Vitale deli meats as a starting point for your recipes, here you can find some inspirations: