There is a world
beyond salame Milano

A story of recipes and shapes.

It is the typical salami of the Lombard tradition, it stands out for fine grain grinding called “rice grain” and a wise dosage of spices and aromas which makes it fragrant and tasty. It is called in that way because it was born in the suburbs of Milan and for its production the authentic Ambrosian recipe is still followed. It was created at the end of nineteenth century for those Italian that emigrated in America to find fortune.  Now is the most beloved Italian salami in the world.

A world of scents and tastes.

It’s ruby red with a salty balanced flavor and a soft texture that make it more than delicious.

How to pair it. Accompany Salame with Parmesan shavings, their sapidity perfectly matches.  If you want to create an original deli meat board, pair Salame with fruits like kiwi and melons. It is so versatile that you can also insert it in a lot of recipes to give your dishes a distinctive flavor. Lastly choose red wines like Oltrepò Pavese Bonarda or Lambrusco to temper its saltiness. 

Did you know? … The typical way to savor Salame is to simply pair it with bread. “Pane e salame” (meaning  “bread and salame”) is one of the most beloved kids’ snack, a popular starter and in the past, thanks to its high nutritional value and its low price, italian farmers used to eat it for breakfast.