Prosciutto crudoRecipe

Yellow bruschetta

Medium level difficulty

Bruschetta was born like a “poor plate” served to peasants to use old bread make it last longer.
Thanks to Italian ingredients of excellence, bruschetta has become a ritual to accompany aperitifs.

Ingredients for 2
•    Bread
•    2 Eggs
•    4 slices prosciutto crudo Vitale
•    Rucola
•    Garlic
•    Salt and pepper

Start cutting the bread in 2cm slices. Heat a non-stick plate and when it’s hot brown the bread on both sides until it gets crunchy. In the meanwhile poach 2 eggs and cut rucola.

Peel garlic and rub it on the bread slices so to give them the perfume and strong flavor. Cover each slice of bread with rucola, the poached egg and prosciutto crudo, then complete with salt and pepper.